Dental Implants from only £995!

Dental ImplantsWhile beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone has their own definition of it, there is something that we can all agree on: A smile is destined to make each and every person more radiant.  While it’s a shame to hide it, some people feel compelled to do it, because of broken, missing or inflected teeth they don’t want to showcase. This is where our job begins. We here at the Brighton Implant Clinic Centre of Excellence for Dental Implants understand just how demoralizing it is to have a smile that nobody wants to look at, and that’s why we have equipped our facilities with state of the art and technologically advanced medical equipments that will seamlessly renew your smile making people around you, raise their eyebrows and envy that beautiful smile of yours!

Dental Implant

Even though on the surface, having missing teeth is more of a cosmetic problem, in reality one bad tooth can cause harm to other nearby teeth, causing them to be tipped or crowned and it can severely affect your chewing ability. This is why the dental implant treatment is so important – not just because it will make you look better, but because it will also make you feel better.

What is Dental Implant?

A dental implant is an artificial simulated tooth root, typically made out of titanium, which is placed into your jaw, working as a replacement tooth or bridge. Normally, the dental implant procedure doesn’t cause any pain at all and it can be carried out either under intravenous sedation or local anesthesia.

The Brighton Implant clinic have been specifically designed for this kind of treatment and we pride ourselves in having one of the best teams of implant surgeons from the UK, with thousands of successful implants done over the course of the last 8 years, using the latest technology. As a matter of fact, each of our surgeons does around 1000 implants per year. What does this say? That working with experienced people creates a perfect symbiosis of quantity and quality.

                                                                                       The Award Winning Dental Implant Clinic:

Dental Implants ProcedureDon’t take our words for granted though – just look at the clinic that received the Best New Practice award in 2009 and also the Most Attractive Practice award in 2010. Yes, that’s our clinic! Speed and precision is what defines us! Our success rate is 98% not just because of our team of experienced surgeons, but also because we work with modern equipment, using CT scanners to place dental implants with Swiss clockwork.

How Much do Dental Implant Cost?

While in most cases, quality comes with a price, fear not – our priority is the satisfaction of the client and not his/her money. The Brighton Implant Clinic offers the most affordable dental implants in the UK, with fully completed dental implants including crowns and abutments costing under £1,000. Our low prices forced other clinics to reduce theirs as well, since there were even clinics performing dental implant treatments for £2,800.

Since 2006, we’ve remained constant regarding the price, because we know just how hard it is for you to get by with your everyday expenses and we don’t want to empty your pockets. Our sole interest is to make your teeth as good as new.